Stop spinning your wheels!

I researched everything there is to know about homeschooling, but I was still so confused! Having it broken down into bite-size pieces of information made it so much easier for me to actually get started!

-Tarah R.


You know you want to homeschool, but unsure of where to start?

Let's face it--there's nothing more frustrating than knowing you want to homeschool, only to feel like you're not qualified and will fail your entire family And there's nothing more disheartening thana desire to homeschool--only to have others give you a guilt trip.

You know that you should just jump in and get started. Maybe you've even tried that!

And yet, it's not quite working.

You aren't sure which curriculum to choose. You have no idea how many hours you should do school each day. You don't even know how to get started. How do you know if your kids will even listen to you?

Other people make it look easy. But for you, it's been anything but. You thought that the hard part was pulling your kids from school, but as it turns out, that was only just the beginning. And now you feel like you must be missing something.

And you're not alone. Most new homeschoolers are.

The truth is that having a plan in place is a game changer, one that will simplify the process, help you understand all the homeschool lingo, and even motivate you to get started.

The problem? Time, money, and uncooperative kiddos often make a successful homeschool more trouble than it's worth.

But what if there was a way to make sure you got it right?


And I want to help you get started homeschooling, once and for all.

I researched for years before I decided to finally pull the plug and homeschool my own kids. I knew from the get-go that it was what I wanted for our family but I let my fears get in the way! Instead, I watched through tears as my kids went to public school, day after day.

But I had enough! I knew I wanted to spend more time with my kids. I wanted to get the best of them, not what was leftover at the end of the day. I wanted more time than dinner, homework and bath time each night.

I've been homeschooling for over 8 years and I haven't regretted it for a second! I just wish I'd had someone to hold my hand and encourage me to get started sooner! That's what I'm offering to you!


Imagine having a plan for your homeschool, from the curriculum you need to the schedule that works best for your family!

Here's what that would look like....

  • Know your learning style
  • Understand your state's homeschooling laws
  • Start deschooling
  • Know the homeschool method that works best for your kids
  • Start homeschooling by Friday!
Jumpstart YOUR Homeschool Journey NOW!

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Our quick-start guide will have you homeschooling by Friday!

Jumpstart Your Homeschool Journey is an easy-to-use guide, designed to help you start homeschooling as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the freedoms that homeschooling offers

Jumpstart Your Homeschool Journey was originally created to help nervous moms find the path that works best for their own families because homeschooling can feel so overwhelming. It helps you answer the hard questions that need answers so you can get started quickly.

If you are a busy mom, or if you are sick of the public school system, this is an opportunity that I promise you will not want to miss.